Reinforcements to our project and client relations management

We are pleased to introduce our new Project Manager, Juha Martikainen. Based in eastern Finland in the town of Joensuu, Juha’s education is in plastics engineering with specialisation in manufacturing technology.

The most notable roles in my working life have been in the software industry and graphic design, specifically print. Familiarity with these two industries is a good fit for forward-looking developments like the digitalisation of industries and client communications.

At Trineria, I’ll be managing projects, conversing between clients and dev teams, setting up schedules, and so on. I expect there to be challenges, but proper team spirit as well. As a part of the team, I want to be able to help the company grow. What I find especially important in working for Trineria is the flexibility they provide, by which I mean that they don’t make the work consume your entire life. They make it easy to balance work hours and free time for normal working days too.

I do a bunch of different sports in my free time. Like so many others, I’ve been bitten by the padel bug. I like hitting the gym and badminton courts too, the latter I actually competed in before the pandemic came about. The rest of my free time is spent with the kids and their hobbies. Also, as any homeowner can tell you, there’s always some maintenance to be done somewhere too.

I’d describe myself as a fairly laid-back person, although I can be strict when needed. With any type of communication, I always appreciate transparency, honesty, and directness. Wishy-washy wordplay is definitely not my bag. To me, every workday should have at least a little bit of positivity, humour, and laughter. Being able to laugh at yourself is important too. There’s plenty enough doom and gloom in life as it is.


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