A digital Scout Petitions platform for serving innovation and inclusion

The digital Scout Petitions platform is a tool for collecting and processing development initiatives.

With over 65,000 members, The Guides and Scouts of Finland is the nation’s largest youth organisation. Anyone can join and there are over 700 local groups around the country. The Scouts’ Constitution states that the organisation’s activities and decision-making are based on transparency and equality regardless of region, language, culture, religion, or conviction.

The idea for Scout Petitions was born from the need to collect new ideas for leading and developing the Scouts’ organisation and to create an approachable way of introducing innovation to the organisation’s administration. The petition platform’s aim is to increase the members’ inclusivity and agency. Anyone can follow a petition’s progress using the open interface.

“The technology we used for this digital project was perhaps not the most common solution, which is why we are happy to have had a partner like Trineria to work with. The co-operation and iteration were all smooth sailing, and Trineria’s expansive knowledge base really impressed us. The project was finished on schedule and within budget.”

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