Industrial digitalization tailored for you

Knowledge is power, as they say. Industrial automation, machinery and equipment produce a vast amount of information, but how do you turn this into a competitive advantage? We help by making the information visible and optimizing your business together with you.

What we do

Programming with passion.

In particular, we implement industrial internet solutions for our customers. We connect machines, equipment and their components through digitalisation. You get help in making more efficient and cleaner use of your existing resources with our Cleantech-based services. We specialise in customised software for data and its optimisation.

Our services are especially beneficial to small and medium-sized companies in manufacturing as well as wholesalers of highly refined technical products. Our typical client produces physical products and seeks to increase the value of these products through software solutions, such as by creating a new service. Our clients are marked by a strong desire to advance their business by utilising the latest technologies.

With its Cleantech solutions, Trineria helps to use information more efficiently, reduce the consumption of resources and reduce environmental harm.

10 reasons for choosing Trineria
  • We speak our client’s language – we leave jargon juggling to the engineers
  • Our flexibility fits the client – our approach is solution-minded, not product-centric
  • A long-term and proactive partner – we are in it for the long haul
  • Open atmosphere that inspires conversation – difficulties are made to be overcome
  • Specific solutions for specific challenges – a problem is yet to go unsolved


  • Providing additional value to our clients’ products/services
  • Tailored solutions for competitive advantage
  • We aim to evolve constantly in the field near and dear to our hearts
  • Deep and continued focus on understanding a client’s business
  • Approachable
Full-service software development

How can we help?

Our joint project can vary in scale; a full-service software product that goes from planning to production and maintenance, some temporary consultation, or anything in between. Regardless of size, we are the choice you’re looking for when ready-made solutions are too rigid and generic for the needs of your business.

Software tailored specifically for your business

We take on software projects regardless of technology or platform, from single applications to big data management and ERP systems. What does this mean in practice? It can mean a software tailored especially for your business. It can enable you to step up your current processes through enhanced monitoring, control, or management. In addition to developing new software from the ground up, we can also refine and maintain existing systems.


Customer stories

Cooperation and genuine added value

How may we be of service?

Let’s have a chat

Our role in your project can comprise a full software production, from planning to production and maintenance, some temporary consultation, or anything in between. Contact us so we can have a chat!  

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