We help industrial and technical wholesale companies to collect, analyze, and utilize information. Our special expertise is in leveraging and visualizing the data produced by various physical devices, industrial automation, meters, and sensors. Concrete benefits may include predictive maintenance, automatic quality assurance, or monitoring of utilization rates.

We work in collaboration with automation solution providers and equipment manufacturers, so we can offer comprehensive and advanced solutions that meet the needs of the digitalizing industry and promote the growth of your business.

Our core competencies include

  • Collecting data from physical devices
  • Analyzing and visualizing the collected data
  • Controlling devices and automation with digital solutions

Our services include

Trineria Spark

Trineria Arc

DevOps & SLA

Trineria Spark

Does your business possess data that could be used in R&D, leadership, and prediction-making?

Trineria Spark (POC – Proof of Concept) is a solution executed in concert with a client. The aim is to fix a client’s problem by refining existing systems or by implementing a missing link. This can be done through integration or by automating information flow. The end result will provide immediate benefit to the client.

Trineria Spark can be implemented either as our Ideation workshop or as our Sherlock service.

Ideation workshop: Our workshop fits companies of all sizes and is meant as a way for clients to kickstart their project with a low barrier of entry instead of launching a full system development project. Work is carried out with information provided by the client. First, we discuss the aim and scope of the workshop with the client. This will lead into a prototype based on the client’s vision. This prototype can then be developed further. Everything is based on the client’s initial vision of what needs to be accomplished.

The price for Ideation workshop is €5,000 + VAT.

Sherlock workshop comprises defining and pinpointing problems together with the client. The aim of these discussions is to get as full a picture as possible (the processes, the conditions, the software). The workshop aims to dig deeper into the details: the most common end-client-reported anomalies, time sinks etc.

The workshop creates a plan and a prototype. The goal is to find a solution that can be easily realised and implemented.

The price for the Sherlock service is €10,000 + VAT.

Common questions presented in the Ideation and Sherlock workshops include:

  • What systems are currently being used?
  • What purposes do the systems serve and who is using them?
  • What data are contained in the systems?
  • Who uses the data?
  • Is there a need to make better use of data collected with instruments and sensors?
  • Is there a need to make existing products smarter?
  • Do the systems communicate with each other?
  • Have clients reported issues with the systems?

The Trineria Spark service provides a low barrier of entry and fast lead times for testing an idea or solving a particular problem.

Trineria Arc

Would you like to use data to enhance leadership, stability, and workforce commitment?

Trineria Arc is a service suite that makes processes and systems within a company serve each other. Arc may consist of taking on challenges discovered through our Sherlock workshop or refinement of a prototype created in our Ideation workshop. Trineria Arc is always tailored for a specific client. This provides the client with a strategic partnership with a software development house.

Trineria’s expertise is the integration of devices (IoT, smart devices) and systems (cloud services). For information to flow effectively within an organisation, integration is essential. Integration of systems plays a vital role in the speed and flexibility with which collected data can benefit a business. Integration makes data transfer between systems automatic, immediate, and accurate. Maximum utility is achieved when data can move both ways between systems. Integration makes things easy, instant, and precise. All in real time.

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DevOps & SLA

Do you want your systems to remain up to date and usable?

DevOps is systematic and continuous development that manages the life cycle of a product or service. After a primary project has been completed, the need for DevOps can be evaluated. DevOps provides a systematic method for developing a service. Development is always on-going, with regular updates, testing, and usability surveys. DevOps brings a sustained and systematic aspect to software development.

We also offer SLAs for systems that we develop. The agreement contains expected response times, performance metrics etc. An SLA can also define operating times and recovery times after maintenance. KPIs are metrics to define how well the development team follows the agreed-upon standards. KPI targets are set on a client-by-client basis.