Unikie Oy

An amicable alliance between software houses

Collaboration between two software houses began when developer Unikie needed more hands on deck.

The partnership between two software houses kicked off when Unikie, a software house of their own renown, needed more developers for some of their projects. The mutual conviction developed through this collaboration eventually led to Trineria becoming a regular in Unikie’s toolbox.

Whenever there’s been a need, we’ve used Trineria’s services to supplement our own workforce. While working together we’ve developed a trust that has made Trineria a regular in our toolbox. We make use of Trineria’s expertise in all stages of development, from specification to coding, from adoption to maintenance.

In collaborating with Trineria, high quality and high energy have been key. The surprising levels of versatility and skill packed into a small software house have proved themselves time and again.

Trineria always delivers absolutely superb quality. Several times during our joint projects we’ve been amazed at the skillset of a small development house. Considering the number of their staff, Trineria has an amazing ability to execute many different kinds of software projects on a wide variety of platforms using a vast array of technologies. In the software development field, Trineria is best described as the MVP who always delivers.

Tuomas Anttila, Unikie Oy

Unikie is a Finnish software house who provides sophisticated software solutions for the automotive, telecommunications, and mechanical engineering industries. Unikie aims to become one of the top actors in the development of products and services utilising computer vision, such as self-driving vehicles.



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