Tapaturva Oy

Developing software for a bespoke service

Tapaturva provides a service called Tapaturva Laki, which businesses can use to stay on top of regulations in their respective fields.

One of the services provided by Tapaturva is Tapaturva Laki. Through this service, businesses can check current regulations that affect their respective industries. The original software built for this service was serviceable but was deemed insufficient for Tapaturva’s needs.

“The original software that was made for our Tapaturva Laki service was cumbersome and time-consuming to update. It was no longer up to par for us. We were lucky enough to find out about Trineria after our original service provider left us hanging with the old software.”

We started charting the old software and Tapaturva’s needs together. Instead of updating the old, it was decided that developing completely new software was a better idea. This way we could not only ensure the solution’s efficacy but also take into account any needs for future updates.

“There was a lot of money riding on the decision to revamp the software, and eventually we decided to code new software from the ground up with Trineria. This way we were able to get a clean slate instead of trying to use old code that had gone through who-knows-how-many programmers. The new software works like a charm, with future expansions taken well into consideration.”

Working with Trineria was easy. Agile development ensures direct communication with a familiar developer and quick response times. This helps avoid misunderstandings and the client is always on the same page regarding the software that is being built for them and how it’s being built.

“It was extremely easy to work with Trineria. Key points are discussed with terms that are easy for a layperson to grasp. It really helped us get the gist of what were the purposes of all that coding. This, in turn, helped us in deciding if doing something was worth it. It was easy to get in contact with the person you needed, and response times were quick. The first-hand service – being able to always communicate with the same person – minimises misunderstandings and saves time. Not having to wrangle over every little thing in detail is good for all parties and keeps things on schedule. The ease and personal touch are the main reasons why I like working with Trineria.”

Juha Merjama, Tapaturva Oy

Since 2006, Tapaturva’s mission has been to improve work safety of Finnish businesses. To Tapaturva, work safety means ways of everyday living informed by knowledge, skill, and the right attitude. Tapaturva provides expertise in legal, theoretical, and practical solutions.



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