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Our developers possess unwavering passion for technology, with the skill and drive to develop applications both big and small.

Trineria the Company

Flexible software house

As a software house, Trineria specialises in industrial internet solutions. We connect machines, devices and their entities through digitalisation. We specialise in software tailored to information and its optimisation.

Value is created for our customers through cleantech-based services. We help you make more efficient and cleaner use of existing resources. Long-term, genuine customer partnerships are the cornerstones of our mutual success.

The values that drive Trineria:

  • Bravery – we analyse our own work with a critical eye and face challenges with determination.
  • Honesty – open communication is in our blood, and no issue is too small to be raised.
  • Harmony – we believe that a relaxed and reliable work culture makes for the best results.

The mission:

  • Digitalisation allows us to connect machines and devices for a more sustainable future.

The vision:

  • The industry’s most desired and competent IIoT partner.

To succeed – areas we wish to pioneer:

  • Connecting physical machines and devices through digitalisation
  • Providing our clients with new, value enhancing Cleantech services
  • Developing software tailored for data optimisation and the industrial internet

Our strategic goals:

  • To be an interesting employer
  • To provide excellent customer service and to be proactive
  • To be at the forefront of sustainable development in data utilisation and Cleantech solutions
  • To take part in meaningful projects that further sustainable development

What ensures our success:

  • People who dare and know how to plunge
  • We leverage digitalisation in managing machines, devices, and their aggregate systems
  • Long-lasting, genuine client partnerships
  • Perpetual learning and improvement


“The goal of Trineria is to help manufacturers use less resources and reduce their environmental impact. We want to use tailored software and industrial web solutions to improve efficiency and reduce waste when expending resources. We offer our clients digital cleantech solutions that are based on collecting, analysing, measuring, and leveraging data.
“We strive to be an interesting employer and an evolving business partner with loyal, long-term clients. We also aim to be a pioneer in sustainable development of digital solutions. We primarily target Finland but also the rest of Northern Europe and regions where the priorities of sustainable development are recognised.”
Leif Setälä, CEO, Trineria Oy

The people who make Trineria

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