Environment – but also profitability – spearheading clean and energy-efficient products and services

Big changes take a lot of time and technological innovation but optimising existing infrastructure and services can provide an extra push.

Last week I attended the EnergyWeek exhibition in Vaasa. More than ever before, issues relating to saving energy as well as the production of greener energy were present; this is a good thing. There are more and more environmental, as well as financial, motives to use resources more efficiently. The ever-increasing prices of energy and emission allowances – not to mention the sanctions on energy imports as a result of the war in Ukraine – are forcing businesses to think of ways to make their own products and services as clean and energy-efficient as possible.

Public discourse often focusses on larger concepts, things like renewable energy, Power-to-X, carbon capture, and reducing traffic. Big changes take a lot of time and technological innovation but optimising existing infrastructure and services can provide an extra push.

Even small changes in individual stages of the production chain bring notable savings and emission reductions

To reduce emissions and resource-consumption in any larger system, such as a production facility, understanding its current status is key. You have to assess for what, when, and how much resources are being expended and how much emissions are being produced. The easiest way to collect this type of data is with digital measuring devices and sensors. This data can then be processed. Once the hotspots relating to consumption and emissions have been analysed, machinery can be adjusted – automatically if need be – to attain significant savings as well as emission reductions.

Vendors of physical machinery are already facing demands for connectivity to cloud services and other devices. Device vendors should be able to provide their products accompanied by either bespoke control software or at the very least proper API support. Contractors of production facilities and other large-scale complexes are also facing demands for their installations to be actively monitored and controllable via automated systems.

At Trineria, we offer our services to both device vendors and device users. Our goal is to be at the forefront of sustainable development in digital solutions. The key is to make the big picture work cleanly and energy-efficiently. Digital services based on Cleantech bring value to clients, make Mother Nature happy, and the service provider can be properly proud of their work. When resource consumption and emissions are considered at every stage of production, even small changes can make a big difference. Big things have small beginnings. In a similar vein, global issues can’t be solved by a nebulous zeitgeist.

Leif Setälä, CEO




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