New hire to take Trineria higher

Antti Kantola has just started as Junior Software Developer.

I’ve spent the last couple of years studying the basics of programming and software development at the Helsinki University’s Department of Computer Science. Software development is all about teamwork which ties into my diploma work at Aalto University which I did on occupational psychology. For the past year, I’ve been directing seven CS courses. Directing and teaching others is the best way to learn, after all.

I live in Leppävaara, a 15-minute walk-train-walk trip to the Trineria office in Valimo. Every other week I spend mostly in Klaukkala. Some weeks I head over to my cabin in Nuuksio and do some hiking or row-boating. In other words, being able to work flexibly from home is one of the main attractions of Trineria to me.

I like learning new things, but I also like making the world a better place. There’s always something new to learn in the software industry; this, combined with working in a team, makes the whole package extremely appealing to me.

While working at Trineria, I expect opportunities to learn and to become a better developer. I’ll be ecstatic if I get to support the team as Scrum Master at some point.

I spend my free time outdoors, walking, rowing, cross-country skiing, and swimming. Sometimes I hit the woods with a map for some orienteering, running from point to point. I also go hiking with my lady friend and a big rucksack to the fells and national parks. A smaller backpack sometimes accompanies me to trails that are closer by.

I have three sons, two of which are already adults. The youngest one is in primary school. Watching my sons’ hobbies and games I’ve kept up with the modern times. I’ve spent years playing location-based mobile games. They provide a nice hook to everyday exercise.

The world is an amazing place and I like looking at its wonders from different angles. I try to make sense of all the bright and even the darker spots. My motto is: Life always prevails!


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