New year - new trinerian

Johannes Manninen has started as a Software Developer. He brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise.

Johannes Manninen has started as a Software Developer at Trineria. Johannes, who lives in Joensuu, has been working in software development for almost 10 years. Johannes has worked as a development manager in various projects and is familiar with understanding the whole development process, from sales to design and coding.

The main focus of my work at Trineria will be on software development. I have started by getting to know the systems, my team and previous projects. I have a particular interest in productisation, where I get to think broadly about the big picture and fine-tune the details from the start. It’s important to do things as well as possible while maintaining flexibility and ensuring that the plan covers as many options and scenarios as possible.

Johanne is also interested in automation and various monitoring systems. At Trineria, Johannes looks forward to working on interesting projects that strongly involve analytics and planning. “I’ve always wanted to understand the big picture and how what I code affects the whole project. It’s important to understand what the customer wants, even if they can’t always articulate it.” For Johannes, it’s natural to look for development opportunities. Improving and facilitating his own work is also important. Platforms need to have sensible tools and internal libraries, for example.

Free time is spent with his girlfriend and friends. It is quite easy to get John to get involved in what we are doing together.  As is typical for coders, there is also a lot of gaming.


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