Strengthening employee experience building and collaborative learning

Anna-Leena Poukkanen has started as HR Manager at Trineria.

Anna-Leena (Ansku) has come to strengthen the Trineria team in running and streamlining the workflow. Ansku likes to do sensible things with nice people. The aim is to learn what is most important at Trineria, what works and where we can develop. This will help to build everyday actions that work for Trineria. For the coming year, this means, for example, working on building a culture of learning and teamwork.

Ansku has spent the last few years working on enabling the growth of IT and data houses. This has meant building teams, finding the right people for different projects and creating collaborative learning. Ansku has also been a partner in an HR and recruitment consulting start-up and has been a growth driver for a senior data management consultancy. Although she has no technical background, Ansku still feels that working in the IT sector is her own thing, as technology and new solutions have always interested her.

Our new HR Manager is easily inspired by new things and is happy to join in the brainstorming and sparring. She spends her free time with her husband and friends, dancing, reading non-fiction books and eating good food. She is also passionate about getting out and about in nature.



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