Thank you for the past year!

Trineria's CEO Leif Setälä's year-end greeting

In 2022, the process that started in 2021 has been continued and the basis for scaling has been designed by creating a new team model and developing internal quality assurance. In addition, we have focused more on our core competence, i.e. industrial internet solutions that enable saving resources and energy. The world situation in recent years has further underlined the social and ecological importance of these solutions.

In the past year, it has been a pleasure to watch how persistent work bears fruit and how continuous improvement has been integrated into our company’s everyday life. It is also heartwarming when the customers notice this too. The best reward for the work are even deeper customer relations.

Next year, the goals will be especially in product development and its pilot projects and, of course, in serving existing and new customers even better. We will start achieving these goals right from the beginning of the year with 15 Trinerians, when the newest team member will join us at the beginning of January.

Trineria’s vision is to be the industry’s most desired IIoT partner. The goal is ambitious, but completely achievable thanks to our great employees and partners.

Merry Christmas and an energetic New Year 2023!

Leif Setälä




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