Trineria employs more might and mastery

Teemu Poikkijoki has taken on the role of Senior Software Developer. He brings extensive experience and expertise to Trineria.

Teemu is a deep-diving generalist who has a wide-ranging and highly honed skillset topped with experience working in different levels of software production. As a full stack developer, he’s familiar with all facets of development, from frontend to backend and from backend to integrations and embedded systems. Teemu is especially interested in software architecture and, more specifically, microservices. “On the one hand, I like managing larger overall systems. On the other, I like sinking my teeth into minute details as well.

Over the years, Teemu has accumulated experience working in senior roles for IT companies both large and small. He has also worked as a private entrepreneur and as an IT consultant.

What appealed to Teemu about Trineria was the ability to make the work your own. “They have a lot of interesting projects here. Projects where you can properly shoulder your own responsibilities and rely on your co-workers.” Teemu is actually familiar with a few of the core members of Trineria from before. He was part of the team when the company was just starting out, but then a headhunter managed to lure him into working for a larger IT company. “Trineria has taken massive leaps forward over the years, growing into an organisation with proper structure and processes. There’s clarity in the company’s strategy and goals too. The focus on Cleantech projects is also something I can stand behind. Things that I value about work are the people, a good balance between work and free time, and of course interesting projects that allow me put my skills through their paces.

In his free time Teemu likes to play the keyboard but he dabbles with other instruments as well. The self-taught musician likes to compose for hobbyist projects such as video games. He also composes symphonies and writes a variety of songs, although these usually go unpublished. Teemu likes strategic thinking as well, and the little grey cells get plenty of exercise with frequent sessions of chess.

Personality-wise, Teemu could be described as a bit of a jester who’s quick on the uptake and has a strong sense of humour. A real go-getter, Teemu brings large helpings of solidarity and openness to the team. “You’re allowed and encouraged to speak up when your knowledge or skills don’t cut it. You’re allowed to fail too.


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