We have clarified our services and continue to build Cleantech solutions

We want to do our part in helping businesses embrace methodologies of the future.

The increasing instability in the geo-political landscape has brought about tumultuous discourse and thoughts to us all. The ramifications of war – some of which are still unknown – will be extensive for both individuals and businesses. But the world doesn’t stop turning and daily life continues as best it can. We mustn’t let ourselves be paralysed. At Trineria, we’ve continued developing internally and we’ll face the rest of the year stronger than ever.

We’ve closed our accounts for last year, achieving growth of over 40%. Despite some substantial investments, our overall business remained profitable. Some notable investments included marketing, staff training, and development of our internal processes. We plan to continue on this path of growth, and we’ve actually made some new hires this year already.

We’ve spent the first few months of the current year clarifying our strategy and mission. We will be focussing more and more on projects that promote sustainable development through digitalisation of machinery and devices. The importance of smart and clean use of resources is constantly growing and we want to do our part in driving business operations to methods of the future. This has already been part of our expertise and one of our biggest markets, but we’ve clarified this course in our internal and public-facing communication. Click here to read more about our strategy and mission.

With regard to the principles of sustainable development, we’ve also clarified our target demographic and services. We will be providing our expertise to pioneers of their respective industries with our Trineria Spark and Trineria Arc services.

Many thanks to all our clients and partners – here’s to continuing cooperation and many more meaningful projects!

Leif Setälä, CEO




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