Work while you study - trainee at Trineria

Justus Sydänmaa has started at Trineria as a Software Developer Trainee.

Justus Sydänmaa is a second year Computer Science graduate from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. “Getting this trainee position was a dream come true for me. My goal is to grow as a person and as a programmer and become a professional in the field. I’m ready to work hard for all this and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my own work,” says Justus, describing his feelings.

Trineria seems to be a top choice for Justus as a company. “I was welcomed with open arms. The office has a relaxed atmosphere, and you can always get help when you need it. As a trainee, my goal is to learn something new every day and face new challenges”. Justus immediately got down to work on a project for a water metering system. On his first day of work, he was able to implement his first ticket on the front-end side.

Our new trainee works about 15 hours a week, but the time varies depending on his studies. In the beginning, Justus will work from the Vaasa office, at least until he is able to do things independently. In May, Justus will start his “official” internship, where he will work full-time for 20 weeks.

Justus has a degree in business administration and has gained work experience in customer service. He has also worked as a peacekeeper for 9 months in Lebanon. In his spare time, he spends his time at the gym, lifting weights, etc.

Justus describes himself as hard-working and self-motivated. He is also social, likes meeting new people and taking on challenges.




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