Client story - Reductions to fuel and energy consumption for cruise ships with an automated control system

An intelligent system oversees, monitors, and manages units, regions, and equipment in manufacturing.

The client is a developer and vendor of control systems employed in cruise ships. For designing their cruise ship systems, the client boasts years of experience and profound knowledge of the field.

Working closely with Trineria, an integrated system for monitoring, control, and consultation was developed. The system will bring notable reductions to fuel and energy costs by monitoring and controlling energy consumption and status of devices from the ship level down to individual devices. The system can not only tell the user where energy is expended but it can also help the user with monitoring and making itself better. 

“What we have is a highly customised product. A product that calls for a flexible developer with both tenacity and comprehensive expertise. We have worked with Trineria for years, and they have an excellent grasp of our business, our field in general, and our needs.”


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